A LIVE virtual challenge  |  FEBRUARY 20- 22, 2024  |  2 PM ET / 11 aM PT

AI content camp

discover how to use chatgpt to create content that makes people want to buy what you're selling

A LIVE VIRTUAL challenge  |  FEBRUARY 20 -22, 2024  |  2 PM ET - 3:15 PM ET

discover the ai content secret that turns browsers into buyers

Picture this: you. 

Effortlessly crafting content for your social media, emails, website, ads, and launches that sounds like you talk and engages your right fit clients in a way that makes them scramble for the buy button.

And there's the best part: you don't need to be a tech ninja. Or have a giant audience. Or be a billionaire. Or have a team. Or spend hours in agony staring at a blank screen wondering what to write.

You can kiss those days good-bye, pal!

Because In AI Content Camp, you'll harness the power of AI without any of the the hassle. My custom ChatGPT bots are designed to take your simple answers and transform them into compelling content that resonates with your audience and grows your business. No more guesswork, just results.


Sure, you can do this on your own. Oh no, wait. you can't do this on your own...unless you're also a branding and marketing expert who has spent a year perfecting chatgpt prompts.

go From AI Confusion to content Revolution

how to make chatgpt go from "wtf?!?" to "wow, this is fantastic!!"

ChatGPT is a bit like a talented but temperamental artist – brilliant when inspired, baffling when not.

That's the snag: AI lacks the creative context to make your brand stand out and reflect your vision.

The AI Content Camp turns those 'almost there' AI outputs into vibrant and authentic content designed to help you grow your business, faster.

  • Go from 'Bye-Bye' to 'Buy! Buy!' Steal the playbook from the influencer elite to give your content an AI-powered makeover that turns scrolls into sales.
  • A proven blueprint for captivating content. Discover my no-fluff foolproof framework for AI-powered content that will captivate your right-fit audience with your authentic message in really cool and unique ways.
  • Get noticed online by the people you want to work with. Even if you're just starting out, or have a tiny list or following.

A LIVE VIRTUAL CHALLENGE  |  FEBRUARY 20 - 22, 2024  |  2 PM ET - 3:15 PM ET

come with an idea...leave with a CONTENT STRATEGY expertly designed to GROW YOUR BUSINESS

At AI Content Camp, you get exclusive access to my custom ChatGPT bots infused with my branding and marketing expertise to help you find the words, strategies and – and let's face it...the kahones! – to make your business an expression of your personality...so you make money by being you. How's that for a concept? 

February 6  |  2 pm - 3:30 pm ET

it's THE clarity SESSION

your clarity bot:
a.m. barnard

  • Discover my proven system to cut through the noise and get your right-fit clients to pay attention to you. 
  • Get massive clarity about your brand advantages so you can create magnetic content that makes them wonder, 'Where have you been all my life?!?'
  • Discover your authentic message that will give you a competitive advantage and position you as an authority in your field.

February 7  |  2 pm - 3:30 pm ET

it's THE cashflow SESSION

your content cashflow bot:
flora fairfield

  • Avoid the #1 mistake that 99% of entrepreneurs make when it comes to content that makes things 99% harder. 
  • Cleverly sync your content with your business goals so your content is a calculated move to generate meaningful cashflow.
  • Unlock a streamlined content roadmap that filters out the fluff so you can prioritize actions that drive real growth and success.

February 8  |  2 pm - 3:30 pm ET

it's THE copywriting SESSION

your copywriting bot:
Mrs. fox

  • Train this custom ChatGPT bot to sound like you so it can write content that makes people want to buy from you.
  • Wave goodbye to the slow grind of content creation and whip up brilliant copy faster than you can say 'publish'.
  • Turn ideas into magnetic content that speaks to the hearts and minds of your customers so they feel like you're the answer to all their needs.


Ai content campers also get these free bonuses


the chatgpt

Level-up all the insights you gain during the live challenge with my ChatGPT Power-ups – custom prompts designed for your AI Content Camp ChatGPT bots that will change the way you think about marketing, hopefully forever. 


your own
brand book

Get exclusive access to our very cool Brand Book template on Canva that you can customize to your brand and memorialize your awesomeness all in one place so you can stay on track with your content and action plans. 



Network with fellow AI Content Campers who are the same journey as you. Some of the connections made in these cohorts has resulted in some seriously successful business partnerships.



I specialize in helping ambitious early-stage founders turn their unique attributes into profitable, client-attracting brands. My online courses and masterminds are designed to simplify the complexities of self-promotion and branding, ensuring you attract your right-fit clients and boost your cash flow.

I now infuse custom ChatGPT bots into the mix as an extension of my methodology, to bring even greater clarity and precision to my client’s brand, marketing, and messaging – all at lightening speed and in a supportive and emotionally safe space. 

My 25+ years in branding, coupled with running a successful agency and my own entrepreneurial journey provide a rich tapestry of real-world insights to turn your ‘what-ifs’ into ‘heck-yeses’. Think of me as the Spanx of marketing coaches – now with an AI-enhanced edge – giving you the confidence and context to promote your brand and grow a successful business. 

Join me, and let's make your business journey beautifully smart and strategically sound.


to be successful in business, you must have great content that attracts your most valuable customers to power cash flow. At ai brand camp, you'll discover how to use ai to get all those things...really really fast.


Hear what people say about my perfected prompts

If you're wondering, "Are these prompts all that?" The answer is, "Yes." But don't take my word for it – hear what other entrepreneurs like you have to say. 

A LIVE VIRTUAL CHALLENGE  |  FEBRUARY 20 - 22, 2024  |  2 PM ET - 3:15 PM ET


Join AI Content Camp and supercharge your content to attract your right-fit clients and grow you business – with an AI edge.


your price: $197

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Starting february 6th AT 2PM ET

  • VIP access to The AI Content Camp 3-Day Virtual Experience
  • Three fun and enlightening training sessions each day
  • Three (!) Custom ChatGPT bots trained to help you find the words and strategies to grow your business
  • Get an expert, holistic content strategy that you can implement immediately to engage your right-fit clients
  • A private community of other very cool entrepreneurs


your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed


frequently asked questions

what exactly is this AI Content Camp, and why should I care?

AI Content Camp is like a spa retreat for your content creation woes, happening virtually from February 6-8, 2024. It's where entrepreneurs who've been playing a never-ending game of 'Blank Screen Bingo' come to learn the art of using ChatGPT to create content that doesn't just knock on the door of your audience, but practically dances through their screens. It's for those who want to turn their words into customer magnets without needing a PhD in tech or a wand-wielding wizard.

I'm about as tech-savvy as a potato. Is AI Content Camp right for me?

Absolutely! This camp is tailor-made for the tech-timid. It's like having a GPS for the digital world of content creation. You don't need to be a tech guru or have a battalion of followers. If your current tech expertise is limited to finding the power button on your laptop, you'll fit right in. We're turning tech-fear into tech-fun!

My content is as exciting as a potato...Can this camp help?

Oh, it's like you're asking if water is wet! AI Content Camp is all about transforming your content from 'meh' to 'more, please!' You'll learn to use ChatGPT to infuse life, personality, and pizzazz into your words. Say goodbye to content that feels like a snooze fest and hello to posts that pop, emails that excite, and ads that actually get clicked. It's like adding hot sauce to your content recipe – a little goes a long way!

What goodies do I get from joining AI Content Camp?

Think of it as Christmas in February for content creators. You get access to custom ChatGPT bots that are like having mini digital geniuses in your pocket. There's also a Brand Book template that's like a treasure map to your brand's gold, and a private community where networking happens faster than you can say 'collaboration'. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Isn't AI just a fancy way to produce robotic, soulless content? How can AI Content Camp help with that?

Think of AI as a block of uncarved marble. Sure, in its raw form, it might churn out content as dry as overcooked chicken. But AI Content Camp is like a sculpting class where you learn to chisel that block into a masterpiece of engaging, soulful content. We teach you how to infuse AI with your brand's unique voice, turning it from a monotonous robot into a charismatic digital bard. It's like giving AI a personality transplant, in the best way possible!

I'm a one-person show. Will this be too overwhelming for me?

Not at all! AI Content Camp is like a Swiss Army knife for the solo entrepreneur – compact, efficient, and surprisingly powerful. We understand that you're juggling more hats than a hat store owner, so we've tailored the camp to be as accessible and manageable as possible. It's like having a personal content assistant who doesn't complain or take coffee breaks.

I've tried using AI before and it was a disaster. Why would this time be different?

Using AI without guidance can be like trying to cook a gourmet meal with just a microwave – frustrating and usually ending in disaster. AI Content Camp is your Michelin-starred chef guiding you through the AI kitchen. We'll show you the secret spices and techniques to turn your past AI disasters into delectable successes. It's not just about using AI; it's about mastering it with style.

Can't I just figure this out on my own? Why should I pay for this camp?

Sure, you could go the DIY route, but that's like trying to build a spaceship with a hammer and some duct tape. AI Content Camp provides you with the right tools, blueprints, and a team of fellow space builders (aka entrepreneurs). Plus, you get custom ChatGPT bots, which are like having your own team of mini Einsteins. It's an investment in turning your content from 'blah' to 'blazing'.

What if I don't see results from this camp?

We understand that the pudding's proof is in the eating. That's why AI Content Camp is designed to provide practical, actionable strategies that you can implement right away. It's like we're handing you the keys to a content Ferrari – it's up to you to drive it, but we're confident you'll enjoy the ride. And remember, with great content comes great engagement!

How do I jump on this content creation carousel

Joining is easier than making instant noodles. Just pop over to the AI Content Camp page, click 'Join', and voilà – you're in! It's like buying a ticket to the coolest content party of the year, where the dress code is 'business casual' and the only thing you need to bring is your enthusiasm (and maybe a notebook). Welcome to the club where content woes turn into content wows!



AI Content Camp will guide you to amazing content that's expertly designed to attract your right-fit clients so they get to know and like you...and buy from you.