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Unlock the power of a beautiful brand identity with customizable logos, captivating color palettes, and fabulous font pairings

your BONUS

Want a new logo, color palette, or font treatment? Well, today is your lucky day

When you invested in, you scored full access to customizable logos, color palettes, and font pairings that you can use to customize your brand-new website to reflect you and your business perfectly.

And they're not just for your website – you can use them in all of your marketing to rock a consistent brand identity at all of your touch points (which is a serious pro move).

Customizable logos

This collection of minimal logos are easy to customize on Canva with colors and fonts in just a few clicks.

Color palettes

 A signature color goes a long way in creating a memorable brand identity (just think of Tiffany blue or Starbucks green).

Google font pairings

Brands use specific fonts to create a unique and consistent image that's easily recognizable to your customers.