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I help visionary female founders build a loyal following through short form social videos so they can expand their influence and become a brand of choice.

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Social Supercharger helps you craft and share your core messages, transforming your social platforms into a hub of engagement and growth, so you can reach new heights of influence.


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Discover the power of your narrative

Turn every video and post into an opportunity for meaningful connection as we work together to empowers you to transform your ideas into engaging videos that amplify your social reach.


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Inspire, evoke and engage: the new social mantra

Craft content that touches hearts and opens minds, nurturing a community that values your mission. With Social Supercharger, we let your audience feel your passion so you can foster lasting connections.



Turn your mission into a movement

Let Social Supercharger turn your personal mission into a universal narrative. We help you fuel your cause, ignite conversations, and spark action, so you can transform your world.

Social media is a mighty tool that, when used with intention and strategy, fosters relationships and community – the real catalysts for business growth and success.


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Boost your social media impact like never before

Social Supercharger uncovers the secret to influential social messaging with engaging videos so you can create a resonating digital footprint designed to grow your business.


  • Uncover the powerful secret to social media mastery. I'll reveal the 10% insider's secret to social media success. It's not about posting more—it's about posting smarter, so you can engage and grow your audience.
  • Reliable results through proven strategies. With my proven system, you'll have the tools and knowledge to drive engagement and conversion on social media so you can achieve your business goals.
  • Kiss those limiting beliefs good bye. Even if you don't feel 'ready,' I'll provide the roadmap to mastering social media engagement. Together, we'll overcome those self-limiting beliefs, so you can unlock your true potential.
  • Level-up your brand. Let's turn your hopes into realities. Through strategic video content, I'll help you elevate your brand, so you can reach those once distant dreams.
  • Revolutionize your perspective about social media. By reframing how you approach social media, you'll unlock a new mindset—one that values impactful, engaging content, so you can create lasting relationships with your audience.



Hear what my Social Supercharger clients say:

Ron is the best public speaking coach on the market!

I came to Ron with a few notes, lots of nerves, and an upcoming speaking date. I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. First, Ron is your personal cheerleader! I looked forward to our meetings and loved the "Ron Time"! He not only helped me structure my speech and shared pro tips with me but also gave me the confidence to knock it out of the park.  Ron is a lifesaver and an absolute must hire public speaking and messaging coach!"


Working with Ron has been a game changer for my business.

He is so genuinely enthusiastic about his work and he is clearly operating in his zone of genius. Ron exudes joy and you can’t help but feel joyful around him. He uncovered a huge missed opportunity in my messaging and helped me rewrite an much more authentic way to represent my core competencies resulting in increased revenue for my firm. I highly recommend working with Ron!!


Ron has helped me improve my self-confidence, enhance the delivery of my message, and increase sales.  

Know when you find that person who supports you endlessly, encourages you, picks you up when you've fallen, and helps you come back stronger than ever before? That's Ron! And who wouldn't want that in a public speaking coach? Ron's ability to tap into my essence and extract my truest gifts in the form of speaking in my true, authentic voice is one of his greatest gifts. Ron has helped me improve my self-confidence, enhance the delivery of my message, and increase sales.  

Meghann ConterFounder, The Dames

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